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Monte Boultinghouse CRB


How Does KC’s Cost Of Living Compare?



Kansas City is a great place to live. We have awesome barbecue. We have more fountains than any other city in the world (except for Rome, of course). We boast a wide variety of diverse, eclectic neighborhoods. And one of the best parts of living in KC is our low cost of living — according to Forbes, it’s 3% lower than the national average! But how does that stack up against the five most populous cities in the country? We used NerdWallet’s cost of living calculator to see the difference.


Revolutionary War history buffs, look no further than Philadelphia! It’s home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and a slew of other historical sites. However, be prepared to pay some steep costs: the cost of living is a whopping 32% higher than in KC. Meaning you’ll be shelling out a few extra bucks for your Philly cheesesteak.


Everything’s bigger in Texas — except for the cost of living in H-Town! It’s only 7% higher than Kansas City, and the average food, entertainment and healthcare costs actually trend lower. Looks like you can catch an Astros game and munch on some tacos for a little less!


The Windy City houses world-class museums, stunning Lake Michigan, shopping meccas — and a much higher cost of living. Chicago averages 29% higher than Kansas City, which means that the same house costing $250,574 here might cost up to $454,905 there.


Turns out living like the stars comes with a hefty price — L.A.’s sunshine and beaches will set you back about 52% more. Your $871 monthly rent in KC almost triples to $2,449 in Los Angeles.


Manhattan is New York’s smallest borough — but you’ll pay the price for living in this densely-packed area. The cost of living averages 145% higher in Manhattan than it does in Kansas City — so you’ll pay a lot more for a lot less! If you want to save, get out to New York’s most populous borough, Brooklyn — at least the cost of living is only 87% higher there!

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